Culture Shot EP: Ethnic Sonorites


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“Ethnic Sonorities” is Culture Shot’s first attempt to record the core pieces we have worked on creating since the foundation of the band. The main goal was to produce a tangible representation of our live performances for our awesome audiences to take home and share.

The recording project started in 2015 but they have to and flow rearrangement, re-recording, remixing to refine the final products EP contained 4 songs, 2 songs sang in Penang Hokkien dialect, “Song of the Streets” & “Mountain’s Story”, another 2 songs are rearranged traditional tune from Nusantara, “Ulek Mayang” & ‘Rasa Sayang”. We did our very best to make sure the EP sounded as natural as possible, our improvisatory and playful character being a key ingredient. Second best way to enjoy a moment with us!
Song List:

    1. Ulek Mayang ISRC: MYBF11900001
      1. Music: Terengganu Folk Song Song
      2. Arrangement: Culture Shot (la la li la tam pong)
    2. Song of the Streets 街路邊的歌 ISRC: MYBF11900002
      1. Music: Hokkien Folk Song
      2. lyrics: Streets/Ang Eng Bok
      3. Song Arrangement: Culture Shot (la la li la tam pong)
    3. Mountain’s Story ISRC: MYBF11900003
      1. Music: Ang Eng Bok
      2. lyrics: Folk Song
      3. Arrangment: Culture Shot (la la li la tam pong)
    4. Rasa Sayang (Feeling of love) ISRC: MYBF11900004
      1. Music: Folk song
      2. Lyric: Folk song/Ang Eng Bok

All songs played by culture shot:

  • Gendang: M.Sivasilan
  • Rebana: Kasiman bin Basman
  • Chinese Cymbals/Wood Block: Clarence Ewe
  • Malay Gong/Aux Percussions: Kang Su Kheng, Rebby Sim (Song of the Streets)
  • Er Hu: Tan Yean Chang
  • Lang Tin Tang: Ang Eng Bok
  • Lead Vocal: Ang Eng Bok, Ang Eng Bok & Kasiman (Rasa Sayang)
  • Vocals: Culture Shot, Culture Shot & Rebby Sim (Song of the Streets)

All songs recorded/mixed at yNot Music Studio

Mastered at Eb Mastering Lab

Graphic Design: Will David

Photography: Poh Wei Chuen

Genre: World Music