在音樂路上勇闖多年,從金屬與流行搖滾樂團貝斯手,走過民謠雙人組,終於在2021年開拓個人Solo Project,回歸青春時影響自己最深的 Britpop 與 Grunge 音樂。音樂不是加法數學題,一個人的力量與眼界不一定更大也未必渺小,但卑微地相信能夠更貼近自己的心。
Zero 喻意從零開始,回歸對音樂的初衷。不違不懼,就是一個人的音樂的樣子。

Zero has involved in music industry for decades, playing metal to pop rock, from bassist to folk duo. When Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world, he took time to have a reflection and decided to kick start his personal solo project. He is returning to Britpop and Grunge music. that influenced him most during teenage time. He humbly believes that can be closer to his heart.
Zero means to start from scratch and return to the original intention. No violation or fear, just another solo on music path.